Fact Sheet 9: Personal Protective Equipment

Under Clause 15 of the OHS Regulation, the employer has to provide workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them from hazards.

Personal protective equipment includes things like sunscreen, wet weather gear, helmets, gloves and steel-capped boots.

EXAMPLE: If using chemicals workers may be required to wear gloves and masks to protect their skin from coming into contact with the substances.

Employers must make sure:


  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is appropriate for the risks workers are being exposed to
  • That workers are told if the PPE does not give them 100% protection
  • That workers are provided with appropriate instruction and training on how to use the PPE
  • That equipment is properly maintained and repaired or, if faulty, replaced
  • All equipment is clean and hygienic
  • That the PPE is stored in a place provided by the employer, such as a locker
  • Areas where PPE must be worn are clearly identified, such as with large signs saying ‘hearing protection must be worn’
  • PPE is paid for and supplied by the employer.

This fact sheet can be downloaded as a Word document at the bottom of this page and printed out for distribution. Please note the download process can take up to five minutes on some computers

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