Fact Sheet 6: Are you using unsafe plant or equipment?

Under clause 82 of the OHS Regs, a plant is the term used to describe any machinery, equipment and appliances in the workplace.

EXAMPLES OF PLANTS: Computers, forklifts, chairs, cash registers, ride on mowers, headsets, trolleys and floor mats.

Responsibility for plant safety:

  • From September 1, 2002, any person who supplies, hires or rents out equipment to a workplace is responsible for identifying all risks associated with the equipment and providing this information to the employer.
  • The employer must not accept unsafe plant or equipment.
  • The employer must provide training and information to employees who are using the equipment outlining all risks and any measures that will control, get rid or protect against the risks.
  • Plant and equipment must comply with Australian standards and the manufacturer’s specifications. The manufacturer supplies this information to the employer.
  • Employees should report any unsafe plant or equipment to the safety representative in their workgroup or workplace.
  • Unsafe plant and equipment must not be used.

NOTE:Some plant items need to be registered before they can legally be used in Australian workplaces. Items needing to be registered include gas cylinders, tower cranes and hoists. The full list of items requiring registration is supplied in Clause 107 of the Regulations.

This fact sheet can be downloaded as a Word document at the bottom of this page and printed out for distribution. Please note the download process can take up to five minutes on some computers

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