Fact Sheet 5: Electricity – Did you Know…?

What this means for you

Under Clause 64 of the OHS Regulation, employers must ensure any risks from electricity are eliminated or controlled.

They must make sure that all electrical installations (including wiring and power boards), articles (including leads and cords), and electrical equipment (including plants) are regularly:

  • inspected
  • tested
  • maintained

This needs to be done to make sure electricals remain safe for use. As soon as they are known to be unsafe they need to be repaired or replaced.


  • All electrical work must be carried out in accordance with Australian and New Zealand standards. These are legal standards that are not negotiable. Only qualified electricians are allowed to carry out this work.
  • Employers must make sure workers’ plants, tools or other equipment are never placed near overhead power lines.
  • Plants and equipment must not be used in conditions likely to cause electrical hazards (including outside when it is raining).
  • People carrying out excavation work must be given information about all underground electrical cables.
  • People working near overhead power lines must not come within an unsafe distance unless in an emergency.
  • Any cords, cables and fittings must not be located where they are likely to be damaged, come into contact with water, or laid across walkways or passageways unless they are adequately covered.
  • Employers must put warning signs wherever there is any risk of exposure to an electrical hazard.This fact sheet can be downloaded as a Word document at the bottom of this page and printed out for distribution. Please note the download process can take up to five minutes on some computers

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