Fact Sheet 2: When Must An Employer Identify Hazards

From September 1, 2002, all large employers have to identify hazards in the workplace during various times.

What this means for you

Times during which employers must identify hazards:


  • Before work starts
  • Before introducing new equipment
    Example: if an employer was to purchase a new forklift they would have to identify all the risks associated with its use, including the potential for people other than the operator to be injured.
  • Before introducing new chemicals
    Example: if an employer was to introduce a new cleaning product they must assess any risks associated with its use, including its ability to burn, cause rashes or prompt allergic reactions.
  • While work is being carried out
    Example: if the latest research about mobile phones indicated a major health risk the employer would have to take this into account.
  • Whenever new information becomes available
  • If an employer changes work methods or introduces a new way of doing things they must take into account any new risks that may arise as a result.

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Easy Guide to the Law Fact Sheet 2- When must an employer identify hazards

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