Fact Sheet 18: what the law provides for Elected OHS Representatives

Under the new safety laws (refer to Clause 27 of the OHS Regulation) all workplaces must have employee elected safety representatives who must be properly trained and, this is paid for by the employer.

  1. The employees must elect their own representative from a workgroup for information on workgroups (see fact sheet 22).
  2. The election must be conducted properly either through a ballot or a show of hands at a meeting of all employees in the workgroup. A returning officer should be appointed by the workgroup.
  3. Your union can conduct the election, if the majority of employees request it.
  4. The OHS Representative is elected for a maximum of two (2) years.
  5. The OHS Representative must be trained and the employer pays for this. The training must take place during normal working hours.
  6. The rep has the right to chose their own training provider most unions provide this training.
  7. The employer has to allow the ohs Rep adequate time (during working hours) to talk to the employees, hold meetings carry out inspections and do risk assessments.
  8. The employer has to provide OHS reps with facilities for example photocopiers, Internet access to the unionsafe and WorkCover websites and meeting rooms.
  9. Your union can assist you. If you want to be an OHS Rep complete the Hands up for Safety leaflet.

If you wish the union to represent you, please use the attached draft letter.

Note:The majority of employees should sign the letter.

Download more info:
Click here to download Fact Sheet 18: What the Law Provides for Elected OHS Reps

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