Fact Sheet 15: Setting up Consultation Arrangements

Clause 22 of the law says that employers must sit down with the employees and their unions on the following:

  • What consultation arrangements they want to have in place for that workplace
  • The composition of relevant work groups
  • The relationship between Ohs Representatives and committees, for example how they would work together what defining their roles are
  • The number of employer and employee representatives on ohs committee including casual vacancies absences and removal of members. Refer to fact sheet on committees
  • The arrangements for meetings, the frequency and calling of special meetings. Committees should meet on most committees meet every two months
  • The procedures for any such meetings, including the circulation of minutes etc. electronically
  • The arrangements for the elected representatives and how they will communicate with the workgroups, including the procedures for addressing issues raised by the workgroups.
  • The training arrangements for OHS committee members and Representatives.
  • The relationship between workgroups where there are different employers.

Please note: the law states that the employees can request a federal or state union to represent the in negotiating the above arrangements. (Clause 22 (3) (5))

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