Fact Sheet 14A: Employer to Provide First Aid Facilities

Under Clause 20 of the OHS Regs an employer must provide appropriate first aid facilities at each workplace.

This includes adequate facilities for immediate treatment of injuries.

If there are more than 25 employees in one workplace an employer is required to have a trained first aid officer present.


First aid facilities

Under the law, workplaces are divided into different risk categories, which require particular kinds of facilities. Construction sites are in the highest risk category.

The law specifies what kind of kit must be provided for various types of workplaces and has particular requirements for construction sites.


  • If 25 or more people work on the one construction site, the employer must supply Kit A. Other workplaces only need to have Kit A of there or more than 100 employees.
  • Constriction sites with less than 25 people must have Kit B.
  • All other workplaces that have less than 10 employees and that are not construction sites must provide Kit C.
  • An employer with more than 200 employees or that has a construction site with more than 100 employees must have a first aid room. For details of first aid room requirements, see 14(B).First aid kits must be kept under the control of the first aid officer

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    Fact Sheet 14A: Employer to Provide First Aid Facilities

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