Fact Sheet 12: Employer to Provide Amenities

Under Clause 18 of the OHS Regs an employer must provide appropriate amenities for employees.

In fulfilling this obligation they must take into account:


  • The nature of the work being performed.
  • The size and location of the workplace.
  • The number of people who work there.

EXAMPLES: Amenities can include lunchrooms, shelter sheds for outdoor workers, change rooms, seating, restrooms and the provision of drinking water.


Employer to maintain amenities

Under Clause 19 of the OHS Regs employers must maintain amenities and accommodation.

The employer must make sure all amenities and accommodation is maintained in a clean, healthy and safe condition, unless the employer has no control.

EXAMPLE: If a worker has to travel and stay in a hotel overnight the employer has no control over how those amenities are maintained.

More information

Types of amenities employers must provide are outlined in UnionSafe’s Amenities Fact Sheets at http://unionsafe.labor.net.au/safety_reps/index_13.html

Also, WorkCover has developed a Code of Practice outlining appropriate amenities in detail. The document is available from the WorkCover website at http://www.workcover.nsw.gov.au/

Download more info:
Click here to download Fact Sheet 12: Employer to Provide Amenities

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