Fact Sheet 10: Employer to Identify Information

Under the OHS Regulation, employers must obtain relevant information that will make it possible for them to identify workplace hazards.

What this means for you

As well as collecting the information themselves, they must also make sure any information about workplace safety is made available to employees.

The workplace OHS Representative or Committee Members must also be provided with this information.

EXAMPLE 1: Mobile phones – information about the effects of electromagnetic radiation is continuously being updated thanks to ongoing studies, so employers will have to obtain the latest information about the research findings if they require workers to use mobile phones on the job.

EXAMPLE 2: Fatigue – in the transport industry fatigue is known to be one of the number one causes or road deaths. Research tells drivers they should ‘stop, revive, survive’ every two hours to make sure they do not become a risk to themselves and other drivers. Employers need have this information so they can make sure workers understand its message.

EXAMPLE 3: Policies and Procedures for known risks – as the health effects of asbestos and overexposure to the sun are well known, employers must use this information when developing workplace policies and procedures. By factoring in this information they can ensure the employees are not put in danger when carrying out their work.

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