Campaign Template 4 – Getting Members Involved

Consider This…

Sometimes OHS issues arise that as a union representative you can try to fix yourself. While it is crucial to notify management immediately if workers are placed in danger it is also important to get the workers involved in the process where appropriate.

If management is not acknowledging workplace safety issues or is unreasonably putting off doing something about them, use the power of a united workforce to get the necessary results. Maximum member support and involvement is crucial to the success of any campaign and will bring the greatest benefit to the workforce.

Remember that if we always try to fix problems alone, we will not involve other members and will lose the opportunity to build unity. Strong unions get results. To make a strong union members need to become active. Give your fellow union members the opportunity to take control of problems and become part of the solution.


Action List

  • Talk about the problem with your fellow workers. See how many other people are affected and ask them for suggestions about what can be done and how the workers can become involved. Do this informally and through group meetings.
  • Survey members to see who is willing to participate in a campaign and what activities they will commit to becoming involved in. This will help you measure the level of support for running a campaign.
  • Make sure everyone has a role to play in the campaign. This can include talking to other union members face to face and handing out survey forms. 

    Case Study

    When a group of Mid West nurses wanted their workmates to become involved in a safety awareness campaign they asked their fellow nurses to fill in and return tick-a-box sheets askingthem to select what campaign activities each person would be willing to become involved in, eg. Wearing a badge, handing out information flyers, and/or signing a petition. Everyone had something to do. People became informed through the information handouts and those who wanted more responsibility got it.

    The Rail, Tram and Bus Union’s campaign involved each bus driver wearing a beanie to work on the same day, the more outrageous the better! These workers knew it was their contribution that made the difference when management finally issued them with official work beanies.

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