Campaign Template 3 – Defining The Issue

Consider This…

If there is an OHS issue that needs addressing, members need to be clear about what risks it presents and how urgently it needs to be dealt with.

It is important to find out how many people the issue affects and who has the power to fix the problem. Getting answers to these questions will help members decide whether they want to take action. It will also help members work out what they want to achieve by running a campaign and assist them in working out the most appropriate campaign strategy.

Action List

  • Work out what the issue is and the consequences for workers and management of an incident occurring as a result of it. For instance, if someone injured their back slipping on a floor they may have to take time off work to recover. They would also require medical attention. Other workers might need to be brought in to perform the injured person’s normal duties.
  • Conduct a risk assessment to see how severely it could hurt workers or how ill it could make them. The risk assessment also helps identify the likelihood of the incident occurring.
  • Survey members either with a survey form or verbally to find out how many workers are affected by the problem.
  • Identify the person or people who have the authority to fix the problem or put preventative measures in place.
  • Gather together any statistics or research about the issue. This can be used to inform workers about the risks, highlight the issues in the media, and make your point with management.

Case Study

When a group of Mid West nurses began formulating their campaign they decided that a general safety awareness campaign was the best way to go. They used a small information sheet to give other nurses information and statistics about workplace incidents and surveyed their workmates to find out what the top OHS issues were and which were the priority areas to target.

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union’s campaign highlighted the health effects of not being able to wear a beanie at work, eg. Bus drivers were at risk of catching colds.

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Campaign Template 3 – Defining The Issue

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