Campaign Template 1 – Introduction

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All workers have a right to work in safety. If the health or safety of any workers is put at risk on the job, it is a priority to have the situation resolved. Some risks affect only one or a couple of workers. Sometimes unsafe work practices or equipment can impact on entire workplaces or even whole industries at a time.

As a union delegate it is important to get workers involved in addressing their occupational health and safety issues. This can be achieved by running a safety campaign that raises awareness, mobilises the members and gets results.

NSW Labor Council has developed some campaign templates to assist you in planning an OHS campaign strategy. But like relationships between people, no two campaigns are the same. Therefore there is no one size fits all blanket solution that will work in every situation.

These campaign tips are intended only as a guide. Talk to the members, be in contact with your union and seek further advice if you need assistance getting your workplace issues addressed.

Format Of The Templates

Each campaign template is broken into three areas, suggesting things to consider when formulating a successful campaign and setting out simple steps to take. Mini case studies are also included at the end of each template, to give working examples of where these strategies have proved successful.

Case Studies

The case study examples provided in the campaign templates are taken from a great campaign by the Rail, Tram and Bus Union, which won drivers the right to wear beanies at work during winter months and a successful safety awareness campaign run by the NSW Nurses Association in the Mid West.

More Information

These templates have been developed in consultation with NSW Labor Council Campaign Coordinator Adam Kerslake. If you would like more information about running an OHS campaign at your workplace, please talk to your Safety Rep or contact your union.

If you would like to provide feedback on these templates or suggest other areas that you would like us to cover, please contact NSW Labor Council OHS Officer Mary Yaager at or OHS Journalist Tara de Boehmler at Mary and Tara can also be contacted toll free on 1800 688 919.

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Campaign Template 1 – Introduction

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