Officials Codes of Practice – Safe use and storage of chemicals in agriculture Codes of Practice

The NSW WorkCover Authority has prepared this code of practice to provide a practical and informative guide to persons on how to comply with the relevant legislation relating to the use and storage of agricultural chemicals. This includes pesticides and herbicides.This code of practice will promote safe and healthy practices in the use, storage and transport of agricultural chemicals by end users. It will assist users to minimise detrimental effects to human health and the environment by suggesting ways to control the risks of exposure to these hazardous substances. This code covers chemicals commonly used in agriculture including substances such as pesticides, fertilisers, fuels, disinfectants, and emissions such as dusts or fumes. Persons who will find this code useful include farmers, pastoralists, horticulturists, orchardists, and foresters. Also contractors, council workers, grounds persons and green keepers who use pesticides as part of their work duties as well as pest controllers. This code will assist users to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety (Hazardous Substances) Regulation, the Dangerous Goods Regulation and the Pesticides Act. This code has also been written to ensure consistency with environmental legislation where relevant. Trainers, educators, medical practitioners and government officers may also find this code provides useful background material which will assist in providing advice to their clients.

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