Officials Codes of Practice – Design, Manufacture & Installation of On-farm and Field silos Codes of Practice

This code of practice sets out the minimum safety requirements for the design, manufacture and installation of silos and field bins used on farms. It was written after a number of child fatalities demonstrated that the dangers of stored grain were not widely understood. Moreover it is anticipated that changing agricultural practices and marketing conditions in the grain industry will bring about an increase in the number of new employees not familiar with its dangers. The code was prepared by a team comprising of silo manufacturers, farmers, the Country Women’s Association, and NSW government agencies for agriculture and occupational health and safety. The code is designed to reduce the dangers of silos on farms, but it is important to use safe working practices as well. For example a ‘childproof’ guard on top of a silo will not stop an adult opening the guard and entering the silo. If the air inside the silo is unsafe to breathe, and the silo’s atmosphere is not tested or other safety precautions not taken then he or she could die.It is the responsibility of owners and operators to make sure that safe working procedures are followed.This Code has been approved by the Minister of Industrial Relations and Minister for Further Education, Training and Employment in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1983, and is offered to industry as a means of achieving the level of safety required by legislation.

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