Officials Cases – $310,000 In Fines For Worker’s Bridge Fall

Multiplex Constructions and a plumbing sub-contractor have been fined a total of $310,000 by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission sitting in court session following a seven metre fall by a worker at The Finger Wharf site, Woolloomooloo Bay.

On 29 October 1999, a 26-year-old plumber employed by Boone and Willard Plumbing Pty Ltd was severely injured when he fell from the level 3 link bridge at The Finger Wharf construction site while installing a fire hydrant pipe.

A WorkCover investigation revealed that the injured plumber and other workers on the link bridge were unaware that it had been declared a prohibited area by Multiplex Constructions Pty Ltd.

Both companies pleaded guilty to breaches of the Occupational Health & Safety Act 1983 – Multiplex to Section 16(1) and Boone & Willard to Section 15(1) of the Act.

Multiplex was fined $175,000 and ordered to pay $13,500 costs, and Boone & Willard was fined $135,000 with $11,426 costs.

WorkCover General Manager Kate McKenzie commented: “This case should send a warning to all employers about their workplace safety responsibilities and the need to ensure that when contractors are engaged they are made aware of the safety issues on site.”

Media contact: John Kirby, WorkCover NSW, (02) 9370 5257 or 0413 186 799

WorkCover Authority (Insp Howard) v Multiplex Constructions(NSW) Pty Ltd – IRC4273 of 2001 and WorkCover Authority (Insp Howard) v Boone & Willard Plumbing Pty Ltd – IRC4274 of 2001.

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