Cotton farm worker are advised to take extreme care when working near power lines, as a major cause of electrical accidents on cotton farms is high machinery such as cotton pickers and module makers coming into contact with overhead power lines.


Country Energy recommends that cotton farm workers take the following simple safety precautions:

  • Know the location of power lines on your property and ensure hazard assessments are undertaken;
  • Assign a spotter to guide machinery movements;
  • Ensure operators know the height of their machinery;
  • Install clear warning assigns around power lines;
  • Always monitor weather conditions. Power lines sway in the wind and snag in the heat, and are also difficult to see at dawn and dusk;
  • Make sure that the tramper is lowered to the transport position when moving cotton module makers;
  • Ensure modules are built, and boll buggy pickups made, well away from power lines;
  • Contact Country Energy to mark power lines and poles on your property; and
  • Ensure all workers know the Country Energy emergency telephone number, 13 20 80.

Emergency Procedures

If an accident does occur:

  • Contact Country Energy immediately 13 20 80;
  • If possible, drive the machinery well clear of power lines;
  • Stay with the machine until the power has been isolated and the power lines removed;
  • Only leave the machine if there is immediate danger, such as a fire; and
  • If you do have to leave the machine, jump well clear avoiding contact with the ground and the machine at the same time, and then hop clear until at least 8 meters away.

More info:
Download the Powerlines Fact Sheet(1)

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