This is where you can access the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance’s Safety Guidelines for the Entertainment Industry.


The Guidelines have been developed to provide practical guidance in the safe execution of productions and events across the entertainment industry. The Guidelines are part of a broad Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) framework for the industry which will lead to the development of a National Code of Practice. Not all parts of these Guidelines will be relevant to what may be required in any particular production, event or venue.

It is important that the information in these Guidelines is available to use as may be relevant in order to prevent and resolve health and safety issues in the interests of all parties and to ensure safe systems of work are used on every production and event and in every venue and workplace.

These Guidelines are designed to minimise risk in the workplace. The safe work procedures outlined in these Guidelines are not exhaustive. Risk assessments on any particular production or event or for any indi-vidual venue may identify alternative work practices that deliver similar or safer outcomes.

These Guidelines have been developed by the Australian Entertainment Industry Association (AEIA) and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) after extensive consultation. The AEIA, the MEAA and the Musicians’ Union of Australia (MUA) endorse these Guidelines and agree that their implementation will bring about acceptable safety standards in the industry. Endorsement of these Guidelines is being sought from relevant workers’ compensation authorities.

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