About Union Safe

Welcome to the UnionSafe website. This site is designed to make your job easier, whether you are a workplace safety rep, a union official or a trade union educator.

We’ve built the site around the different jobs that go into making a workplace safer and want you to regard each section as your home base on the web:

• the Safety Reps section has information on workplace rights, risks and campaigns;
• the Officials section focus on regulations, industry codes and major test case
• the Educators section includes the latest training materials, including the ground-breaking Youth Safe package.

The site also includes a continually updated OHS news service, fact sheets on the law, an A to Z of hazards information, discussion groups and a facility for Union Representatives to have their queries answered online.

Take a look for yourself and discover a wealth of information that can assist you in your work on a daily basis.

Contributions to and feedback on the UnionSafe website are always welcome and can be emailed to NSW Labor Council at mail@unionsnsw.org.au.

The UnionSafe website is a Labor Council of NSW initiative and is funded by WorkCover.

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